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Keep It Simple Salad


Louis KempĀ® Flake & Chunk (4/2.5 lb) 7929601102.


5  lb Louis KempĀ® Flake & Chunk (4/2.5 lb) 7929601102
1 1/2  Cups Buttermilk
3/4  Cup Sour Cream
3/4  Cup White Wine Vinegar
  Cup Mayonnaise
1/3  Cup Dill (Chopped)
2  Tablespoon Honey
1 1/2  Tablespoon Dijon Mustard
   Salt & Pepper
3  Heads Iceberg Lettuce
1/2  lb Thick Cut Bacon (cooked crisp, then diced)
   Everything Bagel Seasoning Mix
   Dill (Chopped)


Combine dressing ingredients (buttermilk, sour cream, white wine vinegar, mayonnaise, dill, honey, mustard, salt and pepper); set aside.

Cut each head of lettuce into 4 wedges.

Divide lettuce wedges between serving dishes. Drizzle with Buttermilk dressing. Add bacon and surimi crabmeat. Sprinkle with bagel seasoning and garnish with chopped dill.

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