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10g Protein Noodles™ Bahn Mi inspired Bún


10g™ Protein Noodles (4/2.5 LB) 7929692800.


1  Cup Lime Juice
3/4  Cup Light Brown Sugar (packed)
9  Tablespoons Rice Vinegar
3/4  Cup Fish Sauce
1  oz Garlic, minced
1  oz Ginger, minced
2-3  Each Thai Red Chili Pepper, thinly sliced
2.5 lb  Package 10g™ Protein Noodles (4/2.5 LB) 7929692800
6  oz Carrot, julienned
6  oz Cucumber, julienned
6  oz Daikon (peeled & julienned)
  Garnish Fresh Mint Leaves
  Garnish Fresh Cilantro
  Garnish Shiso
  Garnish Bean Sprouts
  Garnish Peanuts, chopped


1. Dipping Sauce: Combine lime, brown sugar, rice vinegar, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and chiles.

2. Line bowls with 4 oz 10g Protein Noodles™; top with carrots, cucumbers, daikon.

To serve: sprinkle with mint, cilantro, shiso, bean sprouts and peanuts. Serve with dipping sauce.

Substitutions: Watermelon Radishes for daikon. Radish Sprouts for Bean Sprouts.

A delightfully tasty Vietnamese-influenced cold entrée that’s easy to prepare and an appetizing addition to menu or deli offerings.

Trident Seafoods 10g Protein Noodles™ are topped with a combination of Asian-inspired ingredients like fresh daikon and ginger, then served with a vibrant dipping sauce. The result is a healthy high-protein noodle dish that’s delicious for lunch or dinner.