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Mini Osaka Pancakes wih Sriracha Cod Bites


Sriracha Cod Bites 0.50 oz (1/10 lb) 420981.


2  Cups Flour
2  TSP Salt
1  TSP Baking Powder
1  lb Cabbage (Green)
1  oz Scallions
1  Cup Water
   Sesame Oil
24   Sriracha Cod Bites 0.50 oz (1/10 lb) 420981
   Tonkatsu Sauce
   Ginger (Pickled)
   Bonito (Dried, Shaved (katuobushi))
4   Eggs


1. Mix together flour, salt, baking powder, cabbage and scallions. Mix in eggs and water.
2. Fry 2 - inch diameter pancakes 4-5 minutes on each side or until browned and puffed. Top each with one sriracha cod bite, drizzle with kewpie and tonkatsu, sprinkle with ginger, bonito and additional scallions.